Mistakes we Make with Our Lawns and Lawn Tips

We all would like a luscious and carpet like lawn. You see them, but wonder how to achieve the same success.You may wonder why you have patches of brown grass or dirt and want to know what you are doing wrong. You may think that you are doing everything correctly, but lawn mistakes are easy to make. Here are some tips to get the lawn that all your neighbors will be envious of. If after reading this article you find that this is too much work for you, the best option is going to be artificial turf. If you are in a desert setting especially maintaining your lawn is going to be even harder. If you aren’t sure where to start Palm Springs Artificial Grass might be a good place!

Mower Mistakes

When you mow your lawn, you may think it is as simple as putting gas in, and starting it up. You want to make sure you are properly maintaining your lawn mower and that the blades are sharp enough. Dull blade usage can make the grass have lighter tips which looks less attractive. Always sharpen your lawn blades at the beginning of each season you use the lawnmower. When the grass tears, it can become more easily diseased and damage by insects. Mowing your grass too short is also a common lawn mistake. When it is too short, the grass will try harder to grow its blades to match the root length. This causes the roots to not grow properly. Cut your lawn to two to four inches high depending on your grass type.

Watering the Wrong Way

Many people use a mist spray pattern to water the lawn and spray it for just a few minutes on each section. We think that watering the lawn for seven to ten minutes each day is the way to go. You should actually water your lawn less often. It needs to be watered two to four times a week for longer periods of time. Twenty minutes to an hour of water less often will lead to healthier grass roots. Also, watch the weather, if it is raining a few times a week, you do not need to water that week. You may also make the mistake of watering at the wrong time of day. Doing it between ten in the morning and six in the evening is not the best time. Try to do it early in the morning, between six a.m. and ten a.m., this is the best time to do it so the sun and wind do not make it evaporate as fast. Watering at night also encourages fungus to grow and mildew.

Managing your Weeds

If you let weeds, even short ones that blend into the grass get out of hand, you will end up with a patchy lawn of dandelions and other common lawn weeds mixed in with the grass. You can’t expect to get every weed, but pulling out some of the weeds by hand leaves room for freshly seeded grass to grow. If the weeds take over, it will become quite patchy and real grass won’t have room to grow. Using chemical pesticides and weed killers also gets on the fresh grass. Pull up weeds as you can and sow seeds over time in small areas for the freshest looking lawn possible. Pesticides hurt the bees and butterflies as well.

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